Visit St. Helena Island

St. Helena Island


The peaceful island, located five miles east of Beaufort. The heart of the Gullah community beats strongest on St. Helena Island. 


Homespun restaurants serve authentic Gullah fare rich with local seafood and produce. Gullah descendants carry on the African culture, most noticeably with their signature, intricately woven sweetgrass baskets Look for roadside stands in the Frogmore area of the island, or you might find weavers like “Miss” Jery Taylor plying her trade on the porch of Gullah Grub restaurant. 


Penn Center served as the country’s first school for freed slaves and later played a role in the Civil Rights movement; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reportedly began his “I Have a Dream” speech at the center. Today, this oak-shaded compound of wooden cabins and community buildings offers educational and cultural programs related to the history of the Sea Islands.

Things to do:

  • Penn Center
  • Fort Fremont
  • York W. Bailey Museum
  • Camelot Farms Equestian Center

Visit St. Helena Island